Mobile is one of the most amazing inventions of all times. It helps us to a lot of things but this is not the end. Now, we can use our smartphones to learn new things and to teach ourselves new skills as it is almost always with us which means we can learn anywhere and anything whenever we want. There is a lot of learning apps to achieve the same goal of helping us learn. So, in order to fast track, our learning process here is the best learning apps.


Coursera offers a range of courses on a variety of topics like computer science, data science, business, foreign language, art and other subjects as well. It claims to have over 2000 courses developed by more than 140 best colleges and universities in the world and the best thing is most of them have video lectures and tutorials. Some of the courses are free and some are paid. It can be used on the computer also. On finishing the course, you will get a certificate of completion. The classes follow a schedule but can be accessed as per the choice of the user.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another education platform. It offers a variety of courses and classes to people. It currently boasts over 10,000 instructional videos, classes, and other content. It’s all completely free as well. Khan Academy deals with more typical education, such as mathematics, economics, history, science, and more. It’s especially good for people who need to brush up on the more basic stuff before tackling more complex topics. It’s definitely one of the better free education apps. The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free to use.


Udacity is one of the best learning apps. The courses are specific and provide in-depth knowledge and one just has to enroll and learn. This app covers topics on computer programming, app development, artificial intelligence, machine learning and many more. Some of the courses are free while some courses require money. Completed courses come with a completion degree. It even has courses from Google, Facebook, and others. The Udacity app delivers world-class content through an innovative platform with optimal flexibility.


Udemy was one of the first apps to provide educational courses on mobile. It is an online learning platform with over 2000 courses where one can learn by more than 65,000 videos taught by expert instructors that range from science and technology to cooking to health to fitness to foreign language and many more. The quality of content in these courses is really great. There are both free and paid courses. It offers courses in more than 50 languages by nearly 30000 expert instructors. The courses can be downloaded to learn even when you are offline.


YouTube is surely the best thing if you need to learn through apps. People use Youtube for various videos like music videos, news videos, and entertainment videos. But, Youtube can help to learn almost anything that we can think of. There are channels for almost anything like solving puzzles, learning how to cook, use different appliances and anything that we can think. There are educational channels specifically for different topics. The only things that bother are ads but we can use YouTube Red as a solution at a price of about $9.99 per month making YouTube a great learning source.


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