Bitcoin is a new kind of money and an innovative payment system. It is world’s first cryptocurrency i.e digital currency and a worldwide payment system with low processing fees as there is no central authority or banks involved. It is expanding in popularity worldwide but bitcoin trading is considered to be a complicated task by beginners. Here we are listing 5 apps that will help in understanding and make trading in bitcoin easy:


Blockfolio is one of the best app through which one can join millions of other people around the globe and track your entire investment portfolio in different currencies. Also get detailed price and all the market information required to analyze the cryptocurrency. It is a very safe app with 24*7 support team which can be reached anytime for all queries.

Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin Checker is great app to track not just bitcoin but nearly all virtual currencies and keep up with the cryptocurrency. Nothing comes close to this app when it comes to pricing alerts. It is one of the most accurate and timely app for pricing alerts. This is an easy to use app and does the job perfectly.

Coin Tracking

For cryptocurrency trading, Coin Tracking is a very useful app. It analyzes all trades and generates useful information in real time i.e value of your coins, profit loss on trade and much more. It has a beautiful interface and helps to stay up to date with current trends for all digital tokens in the market.


Lawnmower is not an app to cut the grass, but it does cut the hype regarding cryptocurrency investing. It has a very simple interface to view market data and news to invest fixed amounts on a weekly or monthly basis. It lowers the barriers for investing in painless ways for users who has started in saving in bitcoin.


zTrader is a fully featured, lightweight and secure trading client for bitcoin exchanges. It comes with many popular technical analysis tools giving full trading capability to the user. One of the salient feature is chatrooms to chat with other traders and know the ongoing trends and rates of your cryptocurrency.  

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