Everyone uses their phone 24X7 these days. But this over dependence on phones need not be all bad. Their are several benefits of using a phone and one of them comes in the form of health apps. These applications are designed to keep you healthy and fit. They help you monitor the level of daily exercise that you do vs what you need, track you calorie intake and all the other small but important tasks that will help you stay fit. There are many health apps out there and choosing one can be a difficult choice. We have listed down the five best health apps based on features and usability:

1.My Fitness Pal:

This is one of the more popular fitness apps available on the app store. This is a free app with which you can calculate the nutritional value and calories of all the food you eat and easily set weight goals. For packaged goods, this is as easy as scanning the barcode. There is also an option for creating your own recipes.

2.Google Fit – Fitness Tracking:

Google Fit is one of the best apps to track workouts. You can install it on your activity tracker or mobile and with the help of sensors in these devices, it will record all the fitness activities that you do. You can see real time stats for your activities like pace, route, elevation, speed etc. There is an option to set goals for time, calorie burn, distance and steps too. This is a must have for fitness enthusiasts.

3.Map My Fitness Workout Trainer:

MapMyFitness is another great app that allows you to track all your workouts and even get stats and feedback to help improve. It has a huge range of 600 different activity types which include walking, running, gym workouts, cycling, yoga etc. You can also track your wight, count calories, plan a diet and nutrition within the app. Very GPS tracked workout has an option for audio feedback. You can also save your favourite routes or discover new places to workout nearby. The app is available for free but it does have in-app purchases. For additional features and to get rid of ads, you can upgrade to premium member.

4.Fitstar Yoga:

Yoga is becoming very popular these days and no one can deny it’s effectiveness. But for someone who does not know a lot about Yoga, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of options and variants available. If you want to kick off your yoga doorway just right then this is the app for you. The famous yoga expert, Tara Stiles helps develop personalised yoga sessions on this app. There are also many instructional videos available that you can use to start doing yoga at home. It also syncs with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal to provide you a seamless and healthy experience.

5.Fitness and Bodybuilding:

For the people who want to get buff and start building muscles, this app is a perfect fit. This app is very user friendly and you can find a number of exercises for every muscles group. You can also check out the pre built workouts available on the app. Every exercise has useful diagrams and painstaking instructions so that you are never in doubt. So download the app and start building muscles today.


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