Travel should be fun and relaxing but all the details and planning tends to take out the fun and give more headaches than peace. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. There are several apps out there than can make your life easier by taking care of all the mundane things so that you can concentrate on just having fun.


Skyscanner is a must have app for the early stages of your travel plans. You can use their “Search Everywhere” feature to sort travel destinations based on how expensive they would be and you can then decide which one would be best for you. If you are flexible with the dates, you can use the “cheapest month” feature to find which month would be best to visit your chosen destination. You can also register for price alerts so that you’d get the best available price.


Packing is one of the most difficult things while travelling. PackPoint will make a perfect packing checklist for you by considering all variables such as the weather of your travel destination. You can also enter the activities that you have planned and all necessary gear will get added to your checklist. Just sit back and let PackPoint do all the hard work for you.


Organising the entire trip can be a handful which is why we have TripCase. All you need to do is forward the confirmation emails for your bookings to TripCase. That’s it. TripCase will organise every details for you right from arrival and departure times to weather and activities. You can also set up push notifications so that you get instantly informed about changes in flight schedules.


You’ve reached the airport early and don’t know what to do? Grab will help you there. You can check out the best airport restaurants, the menus and even order online. If you are late, grab is a blessing as it will save you a lot of time required to figure out where everything is.

Google Maps

You’ll never get lost with Google Maps no matter where you go. You can find public transport options, checkout the nearby restaurants and landmarks and find out what would be the best time to visit to avoid the traffic rush. You can also download the maps offline so that you can access them even without an internet connection. Google Maps is an app that every traveler should have on their phone.

Google Translate

This is another must have app on your list. If don’t know the native language of the place you are planning to travel to, this nifty little app can translate all the words and phrases required to communicate with the locals. Asking for directions has never been easier.


This app is not available for all cities, but it is pretty awesome. You just let the app know where you are and where you plan to go and it’ll let you know the best options for reaching there. The interesting this is, it will show you how much calories you will burn if you walk or cycle to the place. Travel and stay healthy – what could be better? You can also book cabs directly from the app and check out the public transportation available too.

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