For the people who know how, every android app has hidden features that make it more awesome and productive. Chrome is no exception. Chrome is one of the most popular browsers used on Android platforms. It’s popularity stems from its ease of use and fast speeds. These tips and tricks will take you to a whole new level of chrome:

Switching Tabs

Switching tabs can be a little troublesome as you have to select the tab boxes and then switch. But there’s an easier way – swipe. Just swipe left to right on the top toolbar of Chrome to switch between different tabs. If you want to see all open tabs, swipe down on the chrome toolbar to get a stacked view.

Reduce data usage

Not everyone has the privilege of unlimited WiFi connections. You might want to use less data if you are travelling or if your phone is on roaming to avoid data costs or just to get a fast experience. Google chrome has a data compression feature that allows you to save data significantly while browsing. The requested web pages will be rendered through google servers which will compress them first. To turn on this feature:

Tap the menu icon and select Settings.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the “Reduce data usage” option.

You will get an option to turn this feature on/off and also see your data usage and how much data has been saved.

Bookmarks on Home Screen

There are sites that you visit a lot and opening chrome and browsing to the site every time can seem a bit of a overkill. There’s an easier option of course, you can bookmark the site and add it to the home screen. Now you’ll just have to tap the bookmark on the home screen to instantly visit the site.

  • Open the website that you want to bookmark.
  • Tap the menu icon and select Add to home screen.
  • Type the name of your bookmark and click OK.

Speed up chrome

You can never have a browser that is fast enough. There is an easy way to boost your browsing speed by allocating more RAM to the browser.

Type chrome://flags in the address-bar

Find Maximum tiles for interest area option and allocate your desired RAM.

There are a bunch of the experimental features that you can play around with in this tab but be careful before making any changes.

Play the Dinosaur Game

Don’t have internet and are getting bored out of your mind. Don’t worry, google chrome has a solution for that too. Open the browser and you will see a dinosaur waiting to entertain you. You can play this game whenever your device is offline.


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