Are you one of those people who love to travel alone and without any plans? You’re not alone. Solo travel is a great experience but why spoil your perfect vacation will the details and mundane planning? We have listed down a few apps that will take away the strain and help you enjoy some quality travel time. will help you find the best places to stay and the activities that you can take part in. You can also checkout the traveler reviews to see how good a certain place or activity is. You can describe what kind of travel experience you are looking for (for example, luxury or foodie or adventure) and it will adapt all the experiences to match your taste, thereby saving you a lot of time and effort.


Who better to advise you on what to do than the locals? This app has a community of local tastemakers which includes everyone from entrepreneurs to artists. They will share the best kept secrets of your travel destination like the most happening clubs, the quiet coffee shop around the corner and where to get the most delicious food. It also recommends itineraries and boutique hotels.   


Are you a budding or professional  photographer who would love to take amazing pictures and get travel advice at the same time? 500px is the app for you. It has a huge community of photographers with thousand of mind-blowing images from around the world. You can talk to people to find out the best spots to get that amazing picture you’ve always wanted to take. You can also get advice and feedback on your photography skills. With fellow photographers you will feel right at home tasing about angles and lights and breathtaking scenes.


Amusement is yet another app that helps pick local experiences for travelers. You can browse through all the available choices of experiences and events and choose one that suits you. What sets this app apart is the option for booking tickets for events and attraction so that you just have to show up without worrying about tickets.


So you want to be spontaneous? Good for you but spontaneity can be expensive because buying tickets to a random location at the last will definitely wreck your budget. Let LuckyTrip help you here. You just have to provide your budget and it will find the destination, accommodations and even activities to fit your budget.  Who says spontaneousness has to be expensive?


If you want a local guide to help you around the city and show you the hidden wonders – CoolCousin is the answer. This app will content you will trustworthy locals to be your guides. If you don’t want a full fledged guide but just some quick advice from  a local, you can get that too through this. You can message a local from the city you’re planning to travel to and ask all your questions.


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